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Jancy USA5 Magnetic Drill 18066

November 19, 2012

Magnetic Drill Press Basics

Jancy USA5 Magnetic Drill 18066

Drill presses come in differing sizes and commonly include standard manual feed magnetic drills and portable magnetic drills with annular cutters.  Your basic portable magnetic drill is the most versatile with the ability to conquer several applications that a power tool cannot handle such as tough, rusty, scaly, and painted materials. Although they may be great in confined spaces portable magnetic drills do not have the muscle-power that the pedestal or table magnetic drills have. So obviously different magnetic drills are required for different jobs, it is important to note what type of drilling you would perform routinely before investing in this tool.

Some examples

The basic manual feed usually has real muscle because it uses annual cutters.Variable speed magnetic drills have an increased tool life because they utilize carbide cutters in the drilling process and provide a smooth fast cut that is great for deep hole applications. when working in confined spaces, a low profile magnetic drill is most often the preference, and as such provides an excellent cut range, especially when used in conjunction with a quill feed, which ensures that only the cutter moves. In addition, low profile magnetic cutters are usually lightweight, offering portability and the ability to take it anywhere, including up on ladders. Permanent magnet drills are used for applications where you need a pneumatic motor, often when there are no electrical outlets available. Finally, there is the swivel drill which is used to drill both vertically and horizontally and also the hydraulic motor drill, which gives you a high power release within the confines of a small, permanent, magnet package.


The Jancy 18066 USA5 Magnetic Drill has a 2 speed gear box and can drill holes at 2-3/8″ diameter all the way through 3″ material. The internal coolant system gives the tool a longer life, as well as keeps the drill running smooth and cool throughout the drilling process. Additionally, The 18066 uses a 3/4″ twist drill capacity, offers tapping options, and bores holes with an arbor size of 3/4″.  The drill point breakaway is 950 pounds with a dead lift of 2320 pounds on a 1″ plate! Jancy also included a powerful 1.8 HP, 1400W single phase motor, with 120V/11.7A~240V/5.8A 270/520RPM. The slugger cutter diameter  is at 2-3/8″ max and the slugger depth has a 3″ cut max capacity.

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