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Jet JHC-200X 2 Ton Hydraulic Shop Crane With Fixed Legs And Quick-Lift Pump 106200

October 30, 2012

Need A Lift

Jet JHC-200X 2 Ton Hydralic Shop Crane With Fixed Legs, Quick-Lift Pump 106200

The Jet 106200 (JHC-200X) 2 Ton Hydraulic Shop Crane With Fixed Legs, Quick-Lift Pump effortlessly lifts your equipment with a heavy duty quality steel frame and maximum tough chrome plated plunger. The ram pistons are made to provide true rust resistance and protection from the surrounding elements and inclement weather, ultimately elongating the life of your crane. The quick-lift hydraulic ram features two superior pump pistons operating the lifts, which deliver the dual actions of both an up stroke and a down stroke.


Overloading this hydraulic crane could put your employees into danger, as such Jet has made great strides to counteract this occurrence with the feature of a top-of-stroke and safety overload bypass system. In addition, the safety bypass system is also designed to protect the hydraulic ram assembly from being damaged when instances of overload occur. The over sized hitch pin has also been made larger to provide a swift and easy boom adjustment for the operator. Another great addition to the Jet JHC-200X 2 Ton Hydralic Shop Crane, is the pair of operator friendly steering handles that have been built onto the back of the crane. They improve maneuverability and accuracy while the operator is steering, lifting, and lowering any of your shops equipment into place.

Relocation and Storage 

Portability is no problem, move the Jet Hydraulic Shop Crane wherever you need it in the shop with its smooth rugged steel fixed swivel casters. When storing this tool is needed, with it’s advantage of not being too bulky and the inclusion of folding legs with safety pins, the JFHC-200X model is easy to put away. Finally, the Jet 106200 comes compliant with all required ANSI/ASME PALD-12 standards.

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