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Jet 151003 PT-1636J 16″ x 36″ Forked Mini Pallet Truck

August 29, 2013

500 Pound Capacity

Jet 151003 PT-1636J 16" x 36" Forked Mini Pallet Truck

The Jet 151003 PT-1636J 16″ x 36″ Forked Mini Pallet Truck offers the size and capability of a larger more powerful forked pallet truck, in a smaller, thinner, an more smartly designed body, that rivals anything that apple did to the cell phone market. Jet’s 151003 mini pallet truck can easily lift a warehouse load with a 500 pound capacity, which would normally be a high capacity load for a mini pallet truck to handle, but this little pallet truck has no problem hoisting 500 pounds either up or down ultimately demonstrating it’s superiority in design.

 Quality Welded Steel with a Low Profile Design

The Jet 151003 PT-1636J 16″ x 36″ Forked Mini Pallet Truck is built tough for heavy duty everyday use, with a high-quality welded steel construction, that goes the extra mile with every load, and even has a durable powder coat finish. The high quality welded steel makes a difference, as the mini pallet truck is ready and durable for as much work as you can throw its way. A superior 2-1/2″ low profile design, is specialized for  smaller sized pallet openings, offering a no hassle way to accomplish your loads. Jet created the design of the mini pallet truck 151003 to include easy-to-use operation with the use of a single hand, which includes fingertip controls and a 180 degree turning radius. The extra wide poly-over-steer steel wheels, provide the very best control with a smooth quiet ride. In addition, the wheels also have added traction that allows the needed stability while in use. The Jet 151003 Forked Mini Pallet Truck also has wheel bearings that are double sealed and lifetime lubricated, for a low maintenance plan.

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