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Dust Collections System 101:Jet 414700 Cabinet Dust Collector For Metal 1/2HP, 115V/230V

November 6, 2012

Dust Collection 101

Dust collection systems improve the air quality in your shop or job site by providing a breathable amount of quality air while removing debris and particles from the surrounding work environment.

Dust Paramedics

Dust collection systems help filtrate the air and keep your employees safe from chronic bronchitis, cancer, and complications within the lungs such as emphysema. Without a dust collection system running, you are running the risk of  developing any of the previously mentioned illnesses, as well as getting airborne chemicals and fungi deeply lodged within your lungs.

Single-Stage, Two-Stage, and Industrial Model Choices

Although systems may differ in size and model they all run on the the same three principles; capture, convey, and collect. Differing systems are offered depending on the size of space they need to fill with clean, safe air. A smaller model usually runs off of a single vacuum unit, which will suck the particles out of the air as it filtrates. The debris gets deposited and the sucked air is kicked back out of the dust collector through a filter, providing better breathable air. A larger dust collection system will be more sophisticated as it separates the larger particles from the dust into separately built spaces within the machine. It then filters the air and either recycles it, or blows it outdoors depending on your preference. Industrial sized dust collectors are usually a part of a mounted filtration unit that removes large volumes of the fine particles that are contained in the surrounding air.

Jet 414700 Cabinet Dust Collector For Metal 1/2HP, 115V/230V

The Jet 414700 Cabinet Dust Collector For Metal 1/2HP, 115V/230V is a small unit perfect for residential or commercial applications and comes on 4 casters with two handles for portability. Made with a non-sparking aluminum housing and fan blade, this unit is safe and durable. Simplicity is a key element to the Jet Cabinet Dust Collection System, as it has an easy to empty and clean-out drawer, as well as an easy to change air filter.

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