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Avoiding Bandsaw Blade Failure With The Jet 710116K 14″ Deluxe Pro Bandsw Kit, 1-1/4HP, 115/230V

December 20, 2012

Top Ten Reasons for Bandsaw Blade Failure

Having a re-occurring problem with blade failures can be a big pain, especially when you have no idea why!  Whether you realize it or not, most of the time blade failure can be due to several multiple factors including:

Jet 710116K 14" Deluxe Bandsaw Kit

10. Lacking or not using a blade clamp.

9. Not properly honing a new blade.

8. The Chip Brush needs replacement.

7. Problems with the hydraulic system.

6. Lack of a coarser tooth pitch.

5. Parts not being properly secured.

4. Insufficient amount of teeth being utilized for the cut.

3. Too many teeth on the blade.

2. Tooth pitch is not fine enough

1. Chips are in the way of the cut.

The Jet 710116K 14″ Deluxe Pro Bandsw Kit, 1-1/4HP, 115/230V has a built-in 12″ blade, with a re-saw capacity that gives you the ability to cut larger pieces of wood easily with the 710116K’s 2 Speed poly-v belt drive system. The upper and lower cast iron frame is designed to deliver increased strength and rigidity and lastly, there is an enclosed stand with a storage shelf and an easy access door.


The design of the Jet Bandsaw Kit keeps the function and performance of its blades in mind as it features a built-in retractable blade guard that glides smoothly while it moves up and down from 0-12 inches. A high-tension spring design also allows for greater blade tensioning. In addition, included in the design is an easy to view blade tracking window, which helps you make accurate cuts. The design also incorporates a blade guide post into the function of the blade, which allows the operator extra control with a rack and pinion adjustment. Engineered into the Jet 710116K is an upper and lower ball bearing, which gently guides while also reducing  friction, ultimately promoting longer blade life. Finally, a quick release blade tension switch has been added to the design for the operator’s convenience.

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