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Jet 8″ Industrial Bench Grinder 577102

September 19, 2012

Jet 8" Industrial Bench Grinder 577102

Stay Sharp

Bench grinders have a plethora of job duties in the shop or on the work site. They can sharpen just about any blade or bit you have as well as modify metal objects. The list of objects a bench grinder can sharpen is endless like; scissors, shears, mower blades, chisels, drill bits, gouges, various hand tools, and knives. The 8″ size versus the 6″ size means that the larger the grinder, the more the horse power carried. 

The Jet 577102 8″ Industrial Bench Grinder is UL listed and comes with completely enclosed pre-lubricated ball bearings. A great heavy-duty guarded toggle switch is located on this 8″ Industrial Bench Grinder, which also includes rubber mounts located on the bottom to prevent movement. The standard equipment on this Jet bench grinder are two cast iron wheel guards, with two dust vents and a one-piece quick adjusting spark guard. The large eye shields have a  quick adjustment feature for your convenience, but the inclusion of this important addition does not, by any means, relieve the operator the responsibility of wearing the proper eye protection and safety gear while they are using this high powered grinding machine. An adjustable tool rest is included, and the grinder 577102 comes stock with both a fine and coarse vitrified grinding wheel. These help expeditiously hasten any desired sharpening or modifications.  The Jet 8″ Industrial Bench Grinder 577102 has a height of 11.3 inches and has a width  of 12.4 inches, and comes with a standard length of 19.6 inches and a sturdy weight of 59.65 pounds.

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