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Job Site Security: Products Designed to Protect against Theft

April 1, 2012


 Job Site Safety : Product Round Up

Continuing on with our job site safety expose, we have included some important products to consider in order to aid you in the protection and  security of your valuables on the worksite, your truck, and home. We selected each product carefully, keeping in mind  what our consumers truly needed to keep their tools safe.

Weatherguard Aluminum Cross Box

 A truck box is a wise investment,  as it can go anywhere and everywhere you do. The convenience and ease of  your tools always being with you supports job timelines and keeps your work efficient. This Weatherguard  Aluminum Cross Box offers the EXTREME PROTECTION Lock, this feature ensures protection of your equipment  against would be thieves and break-ins, it also comes with a tamper-resistant retractable lock.

 Jobox Steel Field Office

The Jobox 1-674990 Steel Field Office measures 63 by 42 by 80, is made of steel, and comes in a brown paint finish. It features  a one handle lock operation that opens the bottom as well as the top doors.It has a peg board and deep shelf and bins on the side walls.Also included bottom door shelves and a side storage locker that will store your items up to 60″ in length,this opens by a lanyard inside of the lower cabinet for an extra helping of security for your tools. Also, it can be fork lifted from any side.

Knaack 1000 Monster Box 1000 Piano Box

This Knaack Monster Box 1000 Piano Box has two fixed shelves, a rack for hanging fall equipment with a optimal storage and organization.This is a great box for complete security for your equipment, it has a new integrated recessed lock that is UL-rated drill-resistant, a weather-resistant lock and  a high-level security lock  that is virtually impervious to drilling and pry-in by would be thieves. There is a weatherproof Power Pass grommet that  allows the pass through of electrical cords for battery charging, even with the box closed or when locked overnight. There is added security with the heavy-duty hinges, these hinges are extra durable and pry-in resistant.

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