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Justrite 45 Gal. Safety Cabinet 894500

December 10, 2012

A Safety Cabinet that is “Justrite”!

Justrite 45 Gal. Safety Cabinet 894500

Keep your employees and worksite a safer place with the Justrite 894500 45 Gal. Safety Cabinet. It  features a unique U-Loc pad-lockable handle that has a slip resistant grip on the handles, making it’s operation all the easier by reducing dangerous “catches” from passing traffic. Power outages, which happen in cases such as Hurricane Sandy, are not a problem, thanks to the Haz-Alert Reflective Labeling. The Haz-Alert labeling is a high visibility indicator which helps alleviate stress during emergencies such as fires or power outages. Additionally, this safety cabinet is a promise to protect your workers as it reduces the possibilities of a fire risk, and improves overall productivity while storing potentially hazardous liquids in its unique high performance Sure-Grip EX frame.

Safety is the Number One Design Priority

Designed to meet all OSHA and NFPA standards, the Justrite Safety  Cabinets are durable and sturdy as they have been constructed of all-welded, 18-gauge, double-walled steel, with an included 1.5 inches of insulating air space for aid in fire resistance. The fail-safe three point self-latching system will provide simple positive door closure. The three durable stainless steel bullet latches offer an optimum longevity with an increased heat resistance.


The shelves in the Justrite 894500 have been thoughtfully constructed. The spillslope safety shelves direct any possible and incidental spills to the very back, and bottom, of a leak proof sump. the shelves are also made adjustable on 3″ centers and constructed to ANSI standards. In addition, this cabinet is able to hold a 350 pound safe allowable load. The Justrite safety cabinet comes complete with a fully painted inside and outside with a durable, lead-free coat, which uses the best grade of hybrid powder paint for chemical resistance.

This and That

The cabinet is completely backed by a 10 year warranty, it has rounded safety door corners, a 2″ Leak tight sump, with the aid of dual vents with flame arresters, a grounding connector, and hazard warnings in three languages.

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