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Kett 14 Gauge Electric Shear KD440

October 31, 2012


Kett has a reputation with professionals as creating some of the highest quality metal cutting and fabricating products available. Kett has been around since the 1940′s and has stuck to innovating what they know best,  ”stuff that cuts!”. Originally a woodcutting tool company, World War Two brought them into the metal cutting world as they aided the United States government in producing cutting tools for use on aircraft carriers. After the wartime demand slowed, Kett expanded into meeting the demands of the private sector, focusing on creating products specific to the needs of the aircraft industry. Currently Kett  proudly manufactures a full line of saws, shears, drills,nibblers, and accessories.

The Cutter

Kett 14 Gauge Electric Shear KD440

The Kett KD440 14 Gauge Electric Shear is a serious metal cutter with heads of 40-20, a motor of  253-59, a weight of 5 pounds, a length of 14.5″ and RPM’s of  2500.  In addition, Kett’s KD440 has a supremely configured design that is lightweight and features a pistol-grip, this aids you in cutting easier and faster. The KD440 shear can slice through metal ranging from 14 gauge to 16 gauge, and can cut C.R. mild steel and  most grades of stainless steel. The shears have been made with a double-insulated design and a 5 AMP KD-440 motor, which cuts at over 150 inches per minute! This fast, sharp shear leaves a clean, flat sheet, which is then ready for fabrication. The unwanted distortions are designed to be absorbed in an easily disposed of waste curl, thus leaving the sheet nice and cool and totally  free of unneeded burns, chips and burrs. The parts are affordable and easy to replace as Kett makes all of their replacement parts available for online ordering. Finally, the cutting blades on the Kett 14 Gauge Electric Shear are made to be of the very finest, high speed and high quality, steel available.

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