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Klein 12″ Heavy-Weight Hacksaw 701-12

April 3, 2013

Klein’s Versatile 701-12 Hacksaw

Klein 12" Heavy-Weight Hacksaw 701-12

The Klein 12″ Heavy-Weight Hacksaw 701-12 has a blade length of 12″ and an overall length of 16″ and is a professional tool with a tough and rugged build that is specifically designed for heavy-duty sawing applications. With the 701-12 Klein has focused on designing a hacksaw that displays cutting versatility in an assortment of professional applications.

The Klein Heavyweight Hacksaw has been built with a heavy frame, in order to provide a greater weight ratio that equivocates to speedier cuts and ultimately, an all around faster job. The heavyweight build on the saw also permits an efficient one-hand use when the user finds it  necessary. In addition, the Klein 701-12 Heavy-Duty Hacksaw blade is capable of making cuts fully through to a flat surface. Professional’s in all areas will appreciate the hacksaws ability to easily convert from a vertical position to a horizontal position for full-on, flush cutting. Finally, Klein finished the 701-12 with a durable, tubular steel frame, and a die-cast zinc handle with blue finish.

Pivot Action

Another great addition to Klein’s 701-12 Hacksaw was the inclusion of a smart, pivot-action front end, along with a slotted tension-ing rod, that permits maximum tightening of the saws blade. This offers a far more efficient way to saw, as well as a much longer blade life. A curved front-end design, is also included and offers the user a comfortable two-hand grip. Finally, a really smart storage option for extra blades, is provided in the saws tubular steel frame, and the saw comes with a supplied 1200BI Golden Tri-Cut blade from Klein.

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