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Klein Hi-Viz Sit/Stand 3-Tier Tool Box 54701

March 1, 2013

Klein Tool Box 54701 Has a

No Slip Surface For Various Uses

Klein Hi-Viz Sit/Stand 3-Tier Tool Box 54701

The Klein 54701 Hi-Viz Sit/Stand 3-Tier Tool Box is built with a smart  no-slip surface for various uses that include sitting or standing, because Klein understands that storage boxes have traditionally been able to find additional usefulness as a stool. As a result and to ensure user safety, Klein has engineered the 54701 to be strong enough to withstand any possible incurring weight.

Kleins 3-Tier Tool Box is Organized

For Maximum Storage Possibilities

Klein designed the 3-Tier Tool Box to travel as easily as possible around the worksite, as well as to make it easy to navigate to and from vehicles,with a convenient adjustable shoulder strap and a handy top handle. The Hi-Viz 54701 box is built to maximize on the boxe’s available space with a smartly organized compact unit. In addition, Klein designed all of the storage compartments to be able to nest for maximum storage, while also including pre-sized spaces that are  designated for certain tool widths, lengths, and shapes, there is also a top tray that has smaller compartments for small tools and and tool parts. For example, the Klein 3-Tier Box is built with a V-groove in lid, is shaped  to hold a conduit or pipe for sawing. Included with the purchase of the 54701 is a tote tray, which is designed to hold larger tools and accessories. Finally, there is a larger tub available to handle big power tools.

Kleins 54701  Hi-Viz Sit Stand

3-Tier Tool Box Specifics

Kleins Hi-Viz tool box has 4,095 cubic inches of storage capacity, a depth of 13-1/2″ inches, a height of 16-3/4″, and a width of 20-3/4″.

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