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Klein 8-Piece Electrician’s Hole Saw Kit 31630

March 8, 2013

Comes Complete With The Most Popular Sizes For Professional Electricians

Klein 8-Piece Electrician's Hole Saw Kit 31630

The Klein 8-Piece Electrician’s Hole Saw Kit 31630  is packed to the brim with eight of the most needed and popular sizes in hole saws and arbors, used in every day professional electrical work. Klein put this kit together, which includes a carrying case, to be a stand alone kit that was a complete collection of the essential sizes that professional electrician’s will encounter in 70% or more of the jobs they come in contact with.

Eight Different Sizes

The Klein 31630 8- Piece Electrician’s Hole Saw Kit includes eight saw diameters ranging in size from a 7/8″ Hole Saw, a 1-1/8″ Hole Saw, a  1-3/8″ Hole Saw, a 1-3/4″ Hole Saw, a 2″ Hole Saw, a 2-1/2″ Hole Saw, a 31660 Arbor, and a 31670 Arbor. All pieces come with the Klein Tools logo and size embossed in black on the body of the saw piece, and each is colored in Klein’s Tool grey.

Complete With A Plastic Rust-Proof Carrying Case

The Klein plastic carrying case is included in this kit to keep all eight  pieces together, and which offers an easier transportation option, as well as providing the owner with a simple storage solution for all 8 pieces. As for storage in a safe place, the Klein case keeps all the Klein saw holes and arbor components neatly packed  away in a quality made, rust-proof, molded plastic carrying case. The carrying case also has a list of each tool and instructions regarding each pieces location on the inner lid of the carrying case. Finally, it also includes manual instructions for the tool’s uses and non-uses.


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