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Klein Demolition Driver 602-4DD & Klein Demolition Driver 602-7DD

June 28, 2012

There is good reason Klein tools tend to last longer and stronger than any other hand tool you own in your tool box, it’s because they are simply made better. Made to take and give the abuse of a busy worksite, Klein’s new 602-4DD and 602-7DD do not disappoint, yet again.

Klein 602-7DD

Klein introduces two new Demolition Drivers made to stand up to the daily wear and tear of constant use, the 602-4DD Demolition Driver and the 602-7DD Demolition Driver. Both have a slotted body type that holds within it a heat treated shaft that runs the length of the handle, all the way to the top of the drivers metal strike cap. The plated metal strike cap was configured and engineered onto the Demolition Drivers 602-7DD and 602-4DD, as an additional protection for the driver’s handle to withstand hammer blows. This unique design also transfers impact force directly to the work surface, and both of these have been extensively engineered, manufactured, and tested for prying as well as chiseling.

In addition to the previously mentioned features, these two new demolition drivers offer a supportive and snug cushion-grip handle, for greater torque and comfort. The premium chrome plating is added to the 602-7DD and  602-4DD for absolute corrosion resistance, although we do not recommend you leave it in the rain for several days, and it features internal flanges inside of the handle to provide a solid and twist-resistant blade anchor. A precision-machined tip is also included for an exact fit.



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