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Klein General Purpose Insulated Toolkit 33527

January 3, 2013

Working with Electrical Hazards

Professionals that work with electricity include engineers, journeymen, and electricians, and are directly exposed to the dangers of electrical shock daily. OSHA has recognized electricity as a workplace hazard and has designed standards in all the places that electricity can harm people including general construction worksites, shipyards, and marine terminals. Although, every general purpose insulated toolkit, from any brand you purchase will have double insulated tools that should meet or exceede OSHA standards, OSHA emphasizes the best way to be safe while working with or around electricity is three main steps; hazard identification, avoidance, and control.

Klein Tested

Klein General Purpose Insulated Toolkit 33527

The Klein 33527 General Purpose Insulated Toolkit has all of the general purpose tools you need in a 22 piece insulated tool kit. Each tool has been individually tested and exceeds or meets set standards. Included on each tool is two layers of insulation that provide the operator protection against possible electric shock. Klein has also included a custom case, which offers three pallets, each with its very own custom-fitted pocket closely fitted to each tool. The piano-hinged cover comes with dual-ways to protect your tool investment with a combination lock, as well as two key-locked latches. This offers your Klein tools some true security, while also providing additional storage space, which is conveniently located behind the pallets, and which provides a good place to store your important papers and accessory items.


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