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Klein MM5000N Electrician’s TRMS Multimeter with NIST Certification

October 4, 2013

American Made

Klein MM5000N Electrician's TRMS Multimeter with NIST Certification

Made in the very place it was innovated, the all new Klein MM5000N Electrician’s TRMS Multimeter with NIST Certification is made right here in the USA. Supporting your own country was never so easy as purchasing this durable, American-made True RMS Multimeter, which provides you with accurate readings of all signals. Included in the box is a multimeter, a test lead, batteries, and a carrying case.

Auto Ranging

Although light at only 14 ounces, the Klein MM5000N Multimeter, with it’s smart design surely isn’t light on performance. Thanks in part to it’s auto ranging ability that measures resistances and AC/DC voltage up to a 1000 volts. The low impedance reduces interference, such as the possibility of detecting ghost voltage. It also comes complete with a µA setting for checking flame sensors, and an analog bar graph for capturing fast moving readings. In addition, the MM5000N easily delivering the most accurate readings for any task you assign it too, with a basic DC accuracy of ±0.3%.

Durable Design

Here in the USA we know how to take our lumps and stand back up again, and this small Klein MM5000N is  designed for just that!  As such, durability is a given, as it is constructed to endure a 10 foot drop, and it is also double insulated with a raised rubber molding boot, for increased display protection from all the random calamities that just might occur on the job site .Furthermore, the Klein MM5000N Electrician’s TRMS Multimeter with NIST Certification has several additions, including the ability to tests diodes and continuity, as well as display data hold, auto hold, range hold, auto ranging, MAX/MIN and finally, micro amps. Additional features and specifications on this device are that it contains a low battery indicator, an automatic power-off, a 4000 count back lit display, lead storage. and that’s not too mention an easy-to-access fuse and battery compartment.

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