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Klein Multi-Purpose Electrician’s Tool – 8-22 AWG 1001

May 31, 2012

In honor of Kleins 150th birthday celebration, we thought we would do a post on the tool that began it all for Klein Tools, the pliers. This set is Klein’s Multi-Purpose Electrician’s Tool – 8-22 AWG 1001. This 150th anniversary edition certainly is an updated tool compared to  the pair of pliers Mr. Klein produced in 1857 for a lineman, who had brought his in to be repaired. This pair of Multi Purpose Electrician’s Tool 1001 is an electricians best friend. They  feature a red full sized grip covered in plastic and cushioned for the handlers comfort, which also bears the Klein Tool insignia featured in yellow on the right side of the grip. Able to work with various bolt sizes including; 4-40, 6-32, 8-32, 10-24, and 10-32, in conjunction with an overall length of  8-1/2″. This tool does it all as it strips and cuts 10 – 26 AWG stranded wire and  8 – 22 AWG solid wire. The Klein Multi-purpose electricians tool 8-22 AWG 1001 has been designed to contain two wire cutters, one is located at the tip, and the other is located halfway back near the stripping holes, which provides another great feature by doubling the utility. Some of the other great options in this Multi purpose 1001, is that it can crimp 7 – 8 mm insulated and non-insulated terminals, lugs and splices. It can shear bolts with a clean cut and the pivot nut easily adjusts to the tension. A left-hand and right-hand wire-looping holes are featured near the tip, the wire cutter is in the nose below the pivot, and the crimping dies are conveniently color-coded for easy identification.

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