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Klein Overstrike Protector Large 5HOSPL

September 25, 2012

Over-strike damage is a fact when working with sledgehammers whether you use it for fire safety, construction, fence post work, or demolition work. Sledgehammers work hard!  Pounding boulders down to fine dust, breaking doors into two with a simple round of blows, and pounding the dirt to make fence posts. However with all of the abuse a sledgehammer can take while destroying everything in its path, unfortunately it can be easily snapped in two by overstriking. Overstriking occurs when the sledgehammer is swung and misses its intended target, the handle, not the head of the hammer, then hits some various form of debris, this causes the head of the sledgehammer to break off and fly. It’s a bit like having an Achilles heel; you cannot avoid the damage and waste of a great sledgehammer thanks to overstriking, until now…

Protect your Sledge Hammer as well as Those Around You!

Klein Tools introduces their new line of overstrike protectors, the Klein Overstrike Protector Large 5HOSPL made for a 30”-36” sledge handle and the Klein Overstrike Protector Large 5HOSPS made for a 24” sledge handle.

Klein 7HSNH14 Sledgehammer

The overstrike protectors 5HOSPL and 5HOSPS are easy to put onto your Klein sledgehammer, simply slide them from the bottom up, and hammer a bit to get the overstrike protector tight under the sledgehammer head, the tight fit reduces overstrike damage when it does occur and absorbs shock and vibration. This non-slip, high density made protectorate will assure your sledgehammer a longer life, and may even save someone else’s, as there will be no flying sledgehammer heads careening through the air at 90 miles an hour. Anyone who has ever been struck by a careening sledge hammer head will attest that this little rubber attachment should be a priority on all worksites.

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