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Klein Stubby Multi Bit Screwdriver/ Nut Driver with Square Recess Bit 32562-5

July 13, 2012

We’ve talked about the quality behind the Klein name so much in the last few weeks that were not going to cover them again. So if you don’t know who Klein is by now, then check out the manufacturer spotlight.

Klein 32562

The bottom line though, is that Klein makes excellent hand tools and if you check around, you will find that there is absolutely no competition currently on todays market for the Klein 32562 Stubby Multi Bit Screwdriver/ Nut Driver with Square Recess Bit!  Man that was a mouthful… even to type, just try saying it 10 times fast! Klein’s new Stubby 32562 is a handyman’s side kick as it drastically reduces the amount of space occupied in your tool box or carrying bag. Not only is this little Screw and Nut driver a wonder when it comes to easy access in tight spaces, but it works hard to make life simpler for you, this handy 6 in 1 product means you can leave at least 6 extra screwdrivers back at your house, in your shop, or in your truck box! The Stubby 32562 has an innovative yet compact design, its 1 ¼ “ driver has the ability to hold up to four universal tips and two nut driver sizes. In addition, this multi bit screwdriver is just plain handy as it has been painstakingly designed to get you access, and into, confined spaces with less than a 4″ clearance.

The Klein 32562 Stubby Multi Bit Screwdriver and Nut Driver comes complete with a #1 square recess, a #2 square recess, a 3/16” slotted, a #2 Phillips, a ¼” nut driver, and a 5/16” nut driver. At the end of the day, the best part about Klein’s new screwdriver, is that it is not just another screwdriver.

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