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Klein Tools Clamp Meter CL2500

July 6, 2012

Klein Tools continues to extend their test and measurement line with the new 100A AC/DC Clamp Meter CL2500. A clamp meter is an electrical meter that has an intregal AC current clamp, clamp meters are typically used to measure electrical power , energy, current and other circuitry voltage. This Clamp Meter CL2500 is for professional electricians in the industrial utility markets, or industries that work with solar power and buried cables.

The CL2500 is a comprehensive meter that is designed to measure many parameters of electrical energy such as micro amp testing, and NCVT testing.

The CL2500 offers an extra-wide jaw opening that accommodates a greater measuring area and has amenities that other clamp meters in it class do not, such as; a clamp work light located in the jaw area to brighten up your work area, a magnetic mount on the back to free your hands, micro amp testing and NCVT testing. In addition, it features True RMS  current measurement of non-sinusoidal or distorted AC wave forms and it is called true RMS because it responds to true RMS and not a mean current. An analog bar graph is in the clamp testers design to aid in accurate fast moving readings. The CL2500 is a non-contact voltage tester with a backlit display that is brighter than many of the competitive units in its class and has a helpful lead storage on the back of the clamp meter to protect leads.

Included with the Klein Tool Clamp Meter CL2500 is a case, batteries, and extra leads.

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