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Klein Torque Wrench Bucket 5104CLR36

June 28, 2012

If you are or your work includes jobs such as; utility work, lineman, sign crews, structural steel, ironworkers, bridge workers, framing, roofing, or fire and rescue, then you understand that too often your work area is not at the ground level. When the need to transport tools, parts and materials higher than six feet in the air arise the most suitable container to go with is definitely a canvas lift bucket. Traditionally canvas lift buckets had one down side, and that being the lack of a lid. Many times when the wind kicks up, as it tends to in higher areas, a bucket will shift and bend back, often causing the contents to spill out and damage.

Klein 5104CLR36

Klein Tools has constructed their canvas Load Rated Lift Buckets and pouches with lids, which tie at the top, for safe transportation of your needed goods. The six new Klein buckets we are featuring in this review is first the All Purpose Work Bucket 5109SLR, which has a heavy-duty plastic bottom along with drain holes. The new Refinery Bucket 5104R with a comfortable padded shoulder strap, which showcases an insightful design, comes with the  inclusion of 6 small and 2 large pockets on the bag itself, this bag is designed to hold tools that are normally utilized in refinery applications. Also apart of the new line is the Closing Bolt Bag 5416TC. This bag has a heavy duty canvas construction and boasts a durable 3” drawstring. This drawstring aids in closing the top to keep items from falling out of the pouch at maximum work heights. The Duty Top Closing Buckets 5104CLR17 as well as the 5104CLR22 boast a 14” diameter designed specifically to accommodate a standard 5-gallon bucket, a tough leather reinforced bottom extends up the side of the bucket, and sports a durable steel rim. Lastly is the Torque Wrench Bucket 5104CLR36, which has a custom design of 36” and is designed for the task of lifting torque wrenches.



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