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Knaack LLC: 1980-Present Day

June 22, 2012

          THE 1980′S

The  1980’s  brought with it a new decade, as well as an entirely new line of KNAACK Tool boxes, offering contractors a solid, durable quality tool box that was simpler to utilize. Some of the new innovations included gas pistons, which were included on the  KNAACK Gang Boxes and the WEATHER GUARD Truck Boxes, and provided an easier  way to open and close a toolbox. In 1981 the knack plant in Crystal Lake added a powder coat system  for the Weather Guard truck equipment and became the very first in the industry to deliver an Armor Tuf powder Coat Paint. This one invention helped to accelerate Knaack’s ability to penetrate the market and earned them a reputation for making the very best and most aesthetically pleasing products on the market. They followed this by consistently bringing to market additional innovations such as the new truck cab protectors, ladder racks, and storage solutions that featured the very first Pack Rat drawer units. In addition van equipment was put into the new Knaack line  including complete lines of bulkheads, shelving, drawer units, van ladder racks, and the Bed Rat Sliding Platforms.


Knaack flourished and grew, eventually expanding to over 10 acres of space all under one roof. The distribution reached all fifty states as well as Canada. Eventually, afters years of sustained prosperity, Knaack owner and founding partner Howard Knaack felt their growing business needed more resources to get to that “next level” of profitability and therefore  joined Emerson in 2000.

Although they are now apart of Emerson, they continue to operate as a separate entity with the very same company mission and principles they were founded on. Knaack LLC  has made significant investments in automation machinery and equipment, as well as improved and increased their human resources, upgraded plant safety, and made the Knaack plants greener and environmentally friendly. Now that Knaack is a division of Emerson Professional Tools, it has the benefits and proficiencies of  their state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques as well as a rich relationship with their principle suppliers.

To leverage production capabilities, Knaack LLC  has green manufacturing standards and now uses the top notch processes of Six Sigma, Kaizen Champions and Lean Kaizen Blitzes, upgraded fabrication machinery , as well as a renovated paint line.  All of this has helped enable Knaack LLC the ability to Make durable quality parts, long and short production runs, while maintaining the ability to switch between desired designs at the simple push of a button. Knaack LLC  has become a flexible, state-of-the-art company able to  produce the very best jobsite and tool storage equipment currently on today’s market. Knack LLC has become a much more socially conscious company in recent years, evident by the “green” policies such as switching to Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certified paper, which has recycled over 850 tons of metal scrap, reduced air emissions by 50% and has reduced electricity consumption by 15%.









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