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Leatherman 78105001 Juice XE6 Thunder(Purple) Pocket Leatherman

November 7, 2012

The invention of the pocket knife coincided with the invention of the multi-tool bringing forth one of mankind’s  handiest inventions the world has ever seen! The Romans are credited in history with conquering the known world, but did you know that every soldier carried a standard issue pocket knife/multi tool on their personage? Coincedence..I think not.

To celebrate the multi-tool we have compiled the top five reasons every man should own a multi-tool!

1.  Use it to quickly to switch license plates when your desperately trying to avoid that subpoena.

2.  In a time before affordable dentistry, camping meant Pappy was going to have to use his last tooth to open that can of franks and beans, these days however save your teeth… and buy a Leatherman.

3. You find yourself barreling down a desolate desert road at 4:30 am when your suddenly awakened by the jarring thud of a cactus slamming into the windshield right before you jerk the wheel and capsize the car…. Grab that handy multitool and start draining that cactus for water, you may be there for a little while.

4. Eating apple slices with the blade of a multi-tool always looks more manly and menacing than eating them off of a toothpick.

5. When you need a bottle opener at the tailgate… Nuff said!

Need A Good Recommendation?

Leatherman Juice XE6 Thunder(Purple) Pocket Leatherman 78105001

The Leatherman 78105001 Juice XE6 Thunder(Purple) Pocket Leatherman is a premium quality multi-tool made with stainless steel coupled with anodized aluminum scales. It pretty much has everything you could possibly need in a Multi-Tool, and by everything we mean; It has needle nose pliers, a straight knife, wire cutters, hard-wire cutters, an extra-small screwdriver, small screwdriver, a medium large screwdriver, a phillips screwdriver, a lanyard attachment, a can/bottle opener, corkscrew with assist, scissors, a saw, an awl, a serrated Knife, and a diamond file. Plus its purple and just looks cool!


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