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Leica Geosystems 790509 Lino L360

May 9, 2012

The Leica 790509 Lino L360 is an industry leader in leveling and alignment tools, it provides amazing all around visibility and sets up easily at any chosen construction site. The Power Range Technology projects unrivaled and outstanding visibility lines with the 635 nm laser class 2 lasers.

Worry Free Accuracy

If you have worked with laser levelers you will find the Leica Lino L360 ability to transfer reference points from one side to another, extremely helpful. It also offers a 360 degree horizontal laser line and 180 degree vertical line, creating a very close leveling line to the floor, allowing you to check levels effortlessly. The Leica Lina L360 sets up quickly and delivers accurately, the well-dampened pendulum makes set up a snap and projects the horizontal and vertical lines. The minor angular misalignments of 3.5°± 0.5° are automatically taken care of and compensated for. Check this out because this is where you will start to really appreciate the smart engineering, if the tilt is outside these limits, the laser lines that are visible to you, will start to flash, alarming you of potential errors.  You will never have to worry about inaccuracy.

Leica Lino L360′s Clever Set Up

The clever mini tripod adapter contains integrated magnets that give you the ability to actually stick the Leica Lino L360 onto steel or iron pipes at your job site, giving you the ability and option to use it as a wall bracket. If you would rather fix it to a nonmagnetic surface, simply do so by hanging it on a nail.

With the Leica Lino L360 you can throw out all your batteries, it contains a built in rechargeable battery pack, and it lasts up to 20 hours continually on the jobsite, making it a reliable tool for long days on the job.

The Leica Lino L360 comes complete with a three year warranty, as well as a target red plate, a mini-tripod adapter, and a international charger with four plugs. It weighs 2.5 lbs. and is dust proof and jet water protected.


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