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Leica LINO P5 5 Point Laser Kit 777068

November 1, 2012

About Leico Geosystems

Leica Geosystems specializes in spatial technology. Offering a vast array of levelers, GPS, locators, machine control, total stations, lasers, and data collectors. Leading with competitive pricing and locations all over the world, with a special emphasis here in the United States, Leica sets the standard by offering training, service, and rentals on all of their equipment and products. Here in the U.S. Leica Geosystems has locations in Costa Mesa, Burlington  Phoenix, Tuscon, Albuquerque, Duluth, Indianapolis, Houston, Birmingham, and Richmond. Leico Geosystems not only serves and innovates in the construction industry, but has also proudly pioneered technology in the surveying and engineering sectors as well.

5 Point Laser Kit

Leica 777068 LINO P5 5 Point Laser Kit

One of Leico’s leading products in the construction and  surveying industries, is the Leica LINO P5 5 Point Laser Kit 777068. This kit comes complete with everything a professional needs including a target plate, a magnetic multi-function adapter, alkaline batteries (type AA, 4 × 1.5V), and a hard carrying case with an interior soft pouch. In addition, Leico Geosystems offers a 2 year, over the counter warranty, with an additional year if registered with Leica Geosystems Inc. As for the P5 itself, the laser has an exclusive, modern, and ergonomic housing design which aids in its ability to self-level. Furthermore, the P5′s 5 point laser has been engineered to accurately provide a visible line of 1/16″ at up to 50 feet, or when used in conjunction with the detector, 100 feet. Finally, the P5 comes with a practical multi-function adapter and is operator friendly, providing maximum simplicity and ease of use.

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