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Leica ROTEO 35G DISTO D210XT Bonus Package 772787

November 15, 2012

Leica Company Spotlight

Three indépendant companies share the Leica brand including Leica Camera AG in Solms Germany, Leica Microsystems GmbH in Wetzlar Germany, and Leica Geosystems AG in Heerbrug Switzerland. Of the three divisions, tools are the focal point of Leica Geosystems. With almost 200 years of experience measuring the world, Leica Geosystems has a storied history, of bar raising innovations and as such, Leica Geosystems is regarded by many as being one of the best manufacturers of lasers and surveying equipment. For this reason, their products and services are trusted worldwide by professionals, as they construct, capture, analyze, and present all types of spatial information and analysis for quick model construction, and when “on the fly” adjustments are required. Headquartered half a world away in Heerbrugg, Switzerland, Leica Geosystems is now a full fledged global company, boasting tens of thousands of professional clients and buyers. Leica employs 3,500 employees total, in 28 countries, and hundreds of partners in over 120 more. Leica’s products offer every day reassurance and trust, thanks to their dependability, the value they deliver, and the superior customer support the company offers.

 Leica Roteo 35G Rotating Laser

Leica ROTEO 35G DISTO D210XT Bonus Package 772787

The Leica DISTO D210XT Laser And Distance Meter has superior technology with it’s precise green laser that is more visible and accurate than ever before. Important because its improved accuracy is now more suitable in bright light conditions and can even be used at long distances. In addition, the sophisticated green light technology is four times more visible to the human eye than the traditional red beam.  

Included in this kit is a motorized wall mount, to aid in keeping the laser even and level, and which can be easily adjusted manually, or with the RRC350′s combined remote control/reciever unit and clamp. The Leica ROTEO 35G DISTO D210XT Bonus Package 772787  has a fully automatic horizontal and vertical laser, a removable protective cage, and an outstanding battery life for working without interruption. Finally, this laser comes standard with an included 90 degree scan mode and a  90° plumb beam.




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