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Love-Less Ash 16 Gallon Dustless Wet/Dry Vacuum 16003

December 27, 2012

The Name Has it All!

Love-Less Ash 16 Gallon Dustless Wet/Dry Vacuum 16003

This Love-Less Ash vacuum captures crazy  amounts of fine dust on your worksite without losing any of its superior suction power. Filters are the bane of all great vacuums, but with the Love-Less Ash you don’t  need to change the filters every time you switch from a dry job to a wet job, and you can clean the washable filters without even opening the lid! So if your looking for a justification, the money you’ll save just on replacing the filters, makes this product easily worth consideration. The filtration system that comes with this product is no joke either, as it easily demonstrates it’s ability to filter dust and debris that is 99.5% efficient at 0.5 microns, and all thanks to its patented filtration system. Just in case your wondering, this product is one of the very few items that has ever received a 100% approval rating from the Handyman Club of America’s users. The Love-Less Ash 16 Gallon Dustless Wet/Dry Vacuum 16003 includes the vacuum, a 12′ Hose, two extension wands, a crevice tool, a utility nozzle, and a micro pre-filter bag.

The original Loveless Ash vacum was invented in 1983 by Mike Loveless as a device to handle cleaning out wood burning stoves. The company was founded in 1989 in Price Utah by the Mike Loveless and his wife and has led to nearly 25 years of success in the manufacturing of their patented vacuums. Their Line of Vacuums feature everything from your standard Wet/Dry Vacuums, to Drywall Vacuums, and Hepa-Filtered Vacuums.

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