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Love-Less Ash DustDroid 600 Pro Series Vacuum H0601

March 6, 2013

Love-Less Ash DustDroid is Geared For

Professional and Industrial Grade Jobs

Love-Less Ash DustDroid 600 Pro Series Vacuum H0601

This vacuum achieves a noticeably quicker pick up of dust and air debris and does so without a lot of the service and maintenance required that many competitor models are susceptible to. The Love-Less Ash DustDroid 600 Pro Series Vacuum H0601 is a HEPA vacuum that carries a 600 CFM, and which has a 30 gallon capacity. The 30 gallon capacity gives ample room for all of  the contained dust and debris the vacuum encounters, and it does so efficiently, effectively neutralizing the operator’s need to dump and replace the liner. All in all, this aids in Making the most of your time, allowing users to finish off even industrial sized jobs without the need to stop and service. Another feature of this product, is that it is designed to provide a longer vacuuming time on the job, without interruption, thanks to Dustless’s incorporation of their AirBlast system technology. The AirBlast  system ensures a simpler and quicker filter cleaning as you go, without the need to even shut down or stop the unit.  The filtration is certified HEPA 99.97% at .3 microns and is all achieved with the aid of their AirBender Cyclone!

Its Whats on the Inside that Counts

The Love-Less Ash DustDroid 600 Pro Series Vacuum H0601 runs off of 120 volts, with 3120 watts of power, and has 13 amps for each input. The vacuum comes with a  2.5″ x 25′ standard hose and a motor that is a dual 2.1 HP tangential bypass. The Love-Less Ash brand Dust Droid is made with absolutely no solenoids, which in turn offers a solid and reliable performance, and which also is a driving force behind the low fuss, low maintenance approach that Dustless has taken into designing a product that lightens your work load.

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