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Love-Less Ash Dustless Turbo Drywall Sander 50001

April 4, 2013

Redesigned For Agressive Sanding

Love-Less Ash Dustless Turbo Drywall Sander 50001

The Love-Less Ash Dustless Turbo Drywall Sander 50001  is now improved from its predecessor with a new air turbine built right into the orbital head. This new addition to the design delivers over 10,000 RPMs for a more complete, faster, and aggressive sanding job on all of your drywall applications. The 50001 Dustless Turbo Drywall Sander also has a redesigned coarser with an impressive 80 to 200 grit sandpaper, which ultimately serves to speed up your sanding projects even more. The sander is powered by the air flow, so that once it is hooked up to a vacuum the air turbine rotates at 10,000 RPMs for even faster more efficient sanding. All the operator has to do is hold the dustless turbo 50001 sander against the drywall and the orbital sanding head does the rest, for you. With a long pole that extends 6 feet for high ceilings and a light weight design at just 5 pounds, this sander all but eliminates any operator fatigue.

Works For the Regular Joe

The Turbo Drywall Sander is ideal for almost anyone including homeowners, do-it-yourselfers, residential construction, and renovation contractors. This sander is an ideal solution for sanding that requires a lightweight, light-duty, drywall sander that can easily reach into tight places and corners. In addition, it is also a wonderful addition as an accessory for professional contractors that desire an effective tool for simple touch up work. The Love-Less Ash Dustless Turbo Drywall Sander 50001  comes with a 6 foot pole, oil, 3 sheets, and an extra hose adapter.

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