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Love-Less Ash DustPro 600 Dustless Pro Industrial Vacuum H0062

September 21, 2013

From One Of The Premier Manufacturers Of Professional Vacuum’s

Love-Less Ash H0062 DustPro 600 Industrial Vacuum

Love-Less Ash, a division of Dustless Technologies, is a premier manufacturer of professional grade and industrial vacuum’s. One of their new entrants into this category is the Love-Less Ash DustPro 600 Dustless Pro Industrial Vacuum H0062, which is specifically engineered and designed to be used on big construction jobs to suck up concrete, fiberglass, stone, and wood saw dust. In addition, the H0062 is 30 inches by 30 inches in size, fits all dustless pro industrial vacuums that employ a 30 gallon drum and comes stock with 100 quantity, 20 gallon dustless industrial vacuum bags.

But Here’s What It Can Do…

The Love-Less Ash H0062 DustPro 600 Professional Industrial Vacuum is specially designed to capture and contain saw dust from any and all wood flooring applications. It produces 600 CFM and features a 50 gallon canister that is easily removed when the operator needs to empty the contents. Another great plus of the H0062, DustPro 600 is that when compared to similarly modeled HEPA vacuums made by other manufacturers, it comes in at a much more attractive and competitive price point. In addition, the H0062 includes AirBender technology that enables the unit to go up to ten times longer between filter cleanings, making this unit a workhorse vacuum that has fewer moving parts, with no solenoids, ultimately allowing it to require much less maintenance and provide a much more consistently reliable performance.

Comes Standard With…

So what do you get for your hard earned money? Well the DustPro 600 comes standard with 175 feet of hose, which is 25 feet to a 3 way adapter, 50 feet of 2 inch hose to your belt sander, and two 50 foot lengths of hose to your edgers or buffers. In addition, it has enough power to run efficiently up to 125 feet from the vacuum and has the maximum capacity to contain the debris from sanding 1200 square ft before needing to remove the plastic collection bag.

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