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Love-Less Ash Slurry Dustless Pro Industrial Vacuum System H0904

September 20, 2013

When You Want To Go Pro

Love-Less Ash H0904 Slurry Industrial Vaccum

If your looking for the professional’s vacuum then your looking for the Love-Less Ash H0904 Slurry Pro Industrial Vacuum System. This industrial grade vacuum is great for vacuuming liquid and slurry and is strong enough to suction wet debris along its 50 foot hose. Another great feature to having a hose with a 50 foot length, is that it is great for reaching just about any job site area that needs to be cleaned up, even when having to traverse obstacles.

With A Large Capacity Drum and Sealed Drum Head

Love-Less Ash’s Slurry Pro Industrial Vacuum System comes with a sealed drum head that holds it’s own even under the toughest of jobsite conditions. This is because the sealed drum head keeps debris out of the motor, enabling consistently unrelenting performance, while also significantly reducing replacement costs. In addition the powerful H0904 slurry vacuum features a large capacity 55 gallon drum that allots for continuous vacuuming in either wet or dry conditions, and which runs off any standard 15 AMP power supply, which can easily be found on any project site. 

Plenty Of Featues

The Love-Less Ash H0904 Dustless Pro Industrial Vacuum System comes cable of being fitted with Random Orbital Sanders. In addition, it has a fast and easy install and can capture up to 99 percent of airborne dust. Furthermore the H0904′s engineers designed this unit specifically to be flexible enough to fit most curves, as well as made it transparent to allow for better overall visibility. Finally, the H0904 comes with a wheeled cart assembly that makes it easy to transport and ready to go straight out of the box. Upon purchasing this product you get a 25 foot hose, squeegee floor tool, and wand.

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