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M18 FUEL 1/2″ Hammer Drill Driver 2604-22

April 30, 2012


Milwaukee finally released their much anticipated, brand new line of fuel driven technology power tools. The Milwaukee 2604-22 M18 FUEL 1/2″ Hammer Drill Driver is included as a part of a category that Milwaukee is referring to as a new breed of cordless tools!

M18 Fuel Technology

The new M18 Fuel Technology gives the Hammer Drill Driver 2604-22 a maximum of 725 pounds in torque ability and is hands down the most powerful drill in its overall class. It includes Milwaukee’s new POWERSTATE Brushless Motor that guarantees high

performance and endurance as it shells out 10 times the motor life. More motor life accompanied by a rugged economically engineered design means that your more likely to throw in the towel before your tool does. At the end of the day the new M18 Fuel Technology will enable you to use your tools for many years to come and much longer than tools that have brushed motors. The new brushless motor works harder and endures longer than any other hammer drill or driver as it converts energy into power. It eliminates noise and cools quickly, giving a virtually maintenance-free tool life.

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2604-22 1/2″ Hammer Drill Driver has been engineered with the Redlithium battery pack that provide significantly more power, as much as 50% more run time, even in extreme conditions. Thus, it will operate cooler with fade free power, even in temperatures as low as-18 degrees Celsius. A battery fuel gauge is intact to display the remaining charge left, although the Redlithium battery pack gives an unprecedented five times more recharges compared to leading competitors.

To top the competition the 2604-22 Hammer Drill Driver also has REDLINK PLUS intelligence, that is designed to maximize your tools overall investment. It is currently the highest advanced system available as it communicates a full circle between tools and keeps tabs on the internal network, keeping the tool at optimum performance.

         “With advancements in the battery, electronics and motor, the new M18 FUEL products represent game-changing innovation for our entire lithium ecosystem that will provide unprecedented improvements in productivity for the user. M18 FUEL begins with the best components, and maximizes their performance using world-class engineering and job-site testing.”

-Says Steven Richman, president of Milwaukee Tool

The M18 FUEL Hammer Drill Driver includes a multi voltage charger that has the capacity to charge M18, as well as M12 batteries. Also included is a ratcheting locking chuck, offering a firm grip with durability, LED lighting, and can be used with REDLITHIUM compact and XC battery packs.



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  1. I DO have alot of complaints about other drills/manufacturers, but, you want to find out about this drill, right?First, the feel and balance of this baby is so sweet. I am not just saying sweet, but super sweet!!! Doing drywall has never been so fun! At first, I thought that the belt-thingy was kinda dumb; but you know what? It doesn’t get in the way if you stuff the drill in your tool belt, and that lil’ hook is really useful for short term (i.e. w/o a tool belt) hooking onto your pocket. The size of this drill is almost perfect. It stuffs well into your tool belt- got lots of room to spare. Hang it on your pants pocket? Won’t pull your pants down, either.The battery stays charged a very, very long time. If you don’t charge it say for 2 weeks or so, it’ll still stay charged, coming a long way from the old Ni-Cads. Even in use, it took a couple of hours to discharg, even if it was light-duty-repetitious drywall. The batteries don’t weigh anything at all. The thing is very powerful as well. 5 lag bolts went in like a hot knife through butter, too.I too, own the monster V28 5 pack, and this is definately my favorite toy of the bunch. It is a stand-alone kit, in other words, the batteries and charger can only be used with this kit. I can’t charge the battery with my V28 charger, but I will say that this charger is very quick!!! About 15 minutes from nothing to full. How cool is that?!They are 1.4 amp/hour batteries, but last as long as the 2 amp/hours (or so it seems).As far as the Made in China, well as the old Mafia saying goes: Better get used to it . I prefer to look at it like this: Milwaukee is finally getting competetive with the other brands. They have always been pricey, but, now the common lay-man can appreciate the quality that is benchmark with Milwaukee!If this is your first cordless or you’re a contractor, this is worth it!! For the price and as a Milwaukee-junkie, get it!!You won’t KNOW what your missing!!


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