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Making your own Tree Swing: Part Two

October 18, 2012

Continuing on with the last steps to making and hanging your very own family tree swing!

Step One

Bosch HDH181-01

Get out your drill /driver, such as the Bosch HDH181-01 18V Brute Tough Hammer, as this step will involve  drilling the eye screws onto the branch that the swing will hang from.

Tie the rope around the branch, but keep in mind it may rub off the tree bark, possibly hurting the tree and fraying and weakening the ropes over time. For these reasons, be sure to select a sturdy branch that isn’t too close to the trunk. A branch that is 8″ in diameter and runs parallel to the ground would be about the perfect size. Begin to drill your two pilot holes for the eye screws, making sure to leave a few inches past the seat’s width on the underside of the branch as this reduces the twisting that results from swinging kids, or eccentric adults. Now install the lag screws using the drill/driver by inserting it through the eye.

Step Two

Tie one end of the rope to the “S” link using a Bowline Knot and attach it to the eye screw. The rope should now be cut to length, measuring one foot from the ground. Once your done, then go ahead and repeat the same step with the other side. This method is quite handy, as it is the most forgiving with uneven branches. After you’ve finished the previous step, brace yourself for the Tricky part that lies ahead, and you may want to have the kids around for a custom fit.

Step Three

Beckett Bend Knot

Tie the hanging ends to the loops on the seat using a Beckett Bend Knot pictured to the right. Then whip the ends with twine, making certain the seat is level. The Beckett Bend Knot will be a very strong knot, but will still allow the swing to be loosened and readjusted later when you need to raise the seat.

Step Four

Completed Swing

Check twice that all connections are secure. One maintenance tip: grease the connection between the links under the limb. This Reduces noise and friction as well as provides a smoother swinging motion.




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