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Makita 14″ 4-Stroke Power Cut Saw EK7651H

September 15, 2013

Comes Stocked

Makita EK7651H Power Cut Saw

Makita’s new 14″ 4-Stroke Power Cut Saw EK7651H comes complete with everything you need to set up shop and get to work. Included with the purchase you will get the EK7651H saw, tool kit, oil bottle, water supply kit, adapter ring, and a pre-filter set. And that’s just so you will have no excuse when Grandma asks you to lay her a new sidewalk.

Just Too Easy

Makita designed their 14″ 4-Stroke Power Cut Saw EK7651H to be easier than ever to use thanks to a no oil mixing, simplified operation that prevents engine failure due to an improper mix. This feature also eliminates the need for a separate mixed oil/fuel can. Another great feature of the EK7651H is it’s smoother idle that allows continuous operation and the lower noise production that generates at only 106.5 dB(A). Finally, the EK7651H has a much lower fuel consumption than it’s predecessor’s, consuming a mere .45 gallons per hour.

Long Cylinder Life And Easy Change Over

In order to promote user convenience, Makita further added three great features to additionally enhance the superiority of the EK7651H. First, they included reduced exhaust and intake carbon build up to enhance and improve cylinder life. Second, they engineered a three ring piston for improved commercial engine durability. Finally they included an easy change over from inboard to outboard cutting in the design.

 And For The Closer

If the previous features aren’t enough to get you thinking the EK7651H is your next must have power cut saw, then consider these additional features. Makita’s EK7651H 14″ 4-Stroke Power Cut Saw also includes an easy start up with automatic decompression, an on off choke combination switch, and a primer pump. Furthermore, the EK7651H also contains a low vibration system that is equipped with damper springs that absorb the vibration generated from the engine to the integrated front and rear handles. Finally, in attempt to leave no stone unturned, included a filter cover that can be removed without the requirement of having to use a tool.

The Specifics

Makita’s EK7651H has an engine displacement of 4.6 cubic inches (75.6 cc’s), a max power of 4.02 HP/3.0kw, a no load speed of 9350 rpm’s, uses unleaded gasoline, has a fuel tank capacity of 37.2 oz., a wheel max spindle speed of 4300 rpm’s, a wheel diameter of 14″, and weighs 28.4 lbs.

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