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Makita 16″ 81cc. Power Cutter DPC8132

May 31, 2012

A shop full of dust and debris in the air can make you gag and cough as you power through extended projects for professional or even DIY causes. That being said, the Makita 16″, 81cc. Power Cutter DPC8132 has the answer to the hassle of air contaminants, including a new five-stage foam-paper-nylon system that comes engineered into this product. The advanced directional air flow cleans the air, making it easier to inhale, and also improves the saws overall performance. The Makita DPC8132 has a reinforced aluminum blade guard, made at a 70° range, to offer the user  limitless positioning opportunities, as well as a marked knob handle. In addition, the DPC8132 has a better ignition system than its predecessor, and features a larger flywheel with rare earth magnets. Ever wonder what rare earth magnets have to do with your flywheel? Have you started to notice them  in power tool product descriptions as of late? Don’t be alarmed by their recent surge in popularity, rare earth magnets have actually been proven to provide power tools with more muscle, providing significantly more power than their predecessors, metal magnets.

In addition to it’s previously listed offerings, this Makita 16″ 81cc Power Cutter’s cutting arm has various positioning for all your application needs, simply change the cutting arm from center position to a flush outboard position, and you will be able to perform cuts that are directly adjacent to curb edges, walls, or directly above the ground. The on/off/choke operating switch is on a single lever for hassle free operator convenience. Cushioned grips await your hands offering a comfortable application with 4 vibration-absorption rubber buffers, although it may not be a tropical getaway it sure does make life easier. The water kit is assembled onto the actual saw unit with a tank capacity of 37 ounces, which can be utilized through several options onsite including your every day domestic-type garden hose, or a gravity tank, or even a pressure tank. Makita is bringing the future into your hands with a microchip controlled ignition system, which is designed to help compensate the Makita DPC8132’s 6.2 hp maximum power engine, included with a timing device that will measure each current workload being applied. The aluminum guard and wheel pressure plates are engineered to decrease the weight, and the two mass dampening system continues the effort with 16” power cutters, designed to eliminate and reduced extra vibration for the operator.

Included with the Makita DPC8132 16″, 81cc. Power Cutter is a 16″ Abrasive Wheel, a universal wrench, torx key, a screwdriver, an adapter ring (20mm to 1″), and even more optional accessories that can be purchased separately.


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