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Makita 18″ 50 cc Chain Saw DCS51018

August 2, 2012

Makita 18" 50 cc Chain Saw DCS51018

Finding a quality power chain saw can be a chore, researching on the internet and perusing local big box construction stores will make you dizzy with cheap overproduced models. It’s Better to stick with what you know, Makita is very possibly one of the very best manufacturer’s of  large power tools.

You might be thinking okay, I know Makita makes quality power tools, but chain saws? Really? But the simple truth is that ever since Makita acquired Dolmar in the 90′s, it has been a premier manufacturer of competitive chain saws. Built with quality construction and durable housing. Makita makes its line of chainsaws with plenty of power, with the ability to  rip through most materials that you put in front of it.

The Makita DCS51018 18″ 50 cc Chain Saw has a high power-to-weight ratio and is built with a 3.2 horse power engine. An automatic half throttle lock is on the Makita Chain Saw for for easy start and trouble free idling.  In addition, a lateral chain tensioning system is in place for quick and convenient chain adjustments. Complete with an effortless cleaning regimen for the chain compartment, the Makita DCS51018 clears away chips efficiently on its own. Also included is ”Tool-less” filter maintenance, which is specifically made for operator ease.

The specifics of the Makita 18″ 50 cc Chain Saw is the 3.0 cubic inch engine, a 49.89 cc displacement, a max engine speed of 13,500 RPM, a power rating of 2.4/3.2 horse power, a 15.6 ounce fuel tank capacity, a 9 ounce oil take capacity, an 18″ standard guide bar, and a 20″ guide bar. The Makita Chain Saw DCS51018 is a powerful quality chainsaw that includes an 18″ Chain , an  18″ Guide bar, a universal wrench , a Carburetor screwdriver , and a torx wrench.

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