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Makita 18V LXT Li-Ion Cordless 18 Gauge Straight Shear Kit BJS130

July 25, 2012

Check out the Makita BJS130 18V LXT Li-Ion Cordless 18 Gauge Straight Shear Kit that comes with two lithium 18 volt batteries, a 30 minute rapid optimum charger, an adjustable tool belt clip, and a Makita contractor bag to hold it all in.

Makita BJS1301

Making the Cut

Cutting with this power tool is amazing! It is engineered with a four-pole motor that delivers over 2,800 strokes per minute for the swiftest most accurate cutting you have ever experienced. Go ahead and put this Makita BJS130 to the test as it  cuts into the hardest of applications such as 18 gauge mild steel and 20 gauge stainless steel. It displays the ability to swivel 360 degrees, to help the operator finish the job in the hardest of areas while increasing cutting options and efficiency.

Keeping it Smart but Simple

A compact design only adds to the Makita Cordless 18 Guage Straight Shears appeal as it packs it in at only 5.3 pounds. Never having to worry about being weighed down means you may not even notice the BJS130 hanging from your tool belt! Speaking of that tool belt, the Makita BJS130 comes with a reversible belt clip that attaches to either side of the tool and features a soft grip handle to increase the operators personal comfort while on the job.

It seems when talking about cordless tools you can never help discussing batteries, batteries, and batteries.. There seems to be a lot hoopla over batteries lately, perhaps because a battery truly can make or break the functionality of a tool for you. If you can only use your tool for 15 minutes tops, your not going to get too much done. Not to worry Makita is all over the controversial topic of batteries, and this power tool, as well as many in its generation, run on LXT lithium-ion batteries and charge with a rapid optimum charger. What this means is that these LXT lithium-ion batteries produce 430% more total lifetime work, as well as up to 3 times more cycles.

If your not sold yet then listen to these additional features, the LXT lithium-ion battery is proven to have a longer run time and 5 times lower discharge, as well as 16 firm holding contact terminals for constant high power. The 30 minute rapid optimum charger communicates  with the battery through a built in chip, controlling the charging as it actively optimizes the current, voltage, and temperature.

Additionally, the charger is Energy Star labeled, meeting strict guidelines set by the EPA and DOE, as well as having a built in fan included that cools the battery to offer an overall longer lifespan for this Makita power tool. You can rely on the Makita BJS130 18V Straight Shear Kit to work hard through out the day to deliver serious cutting and fade free power… And to back this up Makita has graciously offered a 3 year warranty on the battery and charger.

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