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Makita 27lbs AVT Demolition Hammer HM1214C (SDS-Max)

June 12, 2013

Powerful Makita Motor with a Counterbalance System


Makita HM1214C 27lbs AVT Demolition Hammer (SDS-Max)

This Makita Demolition Hammer is engineered with a powerful 14 AMP motor, and is designed to handle the operator’s most demanding and diverse work applications, the 27 pound Makita HM1214C 27lbs AVT Demolition Hammer (SDS-Max) truly delivers. Included is Makita’s new anti-vibration technology, also referred to as AVT, it is Makita’s exclusive counterbalance system, designed and engineered to reduces the demolition hammers overal vibration.

Variable Speed and LED Lights Display Problems

Makita’s AVT Demo Hammer is designed with an electronic variable speed control dial that enables the user to set the hammer’s speed to match and customize each application with the correct speed desired, ultimately saving time and energy. A smart L.E.D. service light indicates to the operator when the hammer’s carbon brushes need to be replaced, and yet another L.E.D. power light is present to indicate when trouble has occurred with the electric circuit.

One Touch Chuck and Idling Improvements

Makita improved the Demo Hammers idling feature with a new ”No hammering when idling”, this new feature supports the tools quality, as well as increases the demolition hammer’s tool life. In addition, the HM1214C Hammer also has a one touch chuck, which allows for easy bit changes that furthers time savings while also ensuring correct bit attachment. Plus, the HM1214C also offers 12 bit angle settings that allow the user to re-position the bits to fit to the current job application. Finally, this Demolition Hammer also has an easy-to-operate slide switch that increases tool productivity and allows for continuous use.

 Increased Tool Life

 At it’s inception, Makita set out to increase this demo hammers quality, tool life, and applicable customize-ability when they began engineering this hammer. As if the previous benefits were not proof enough, they added another addition to support the tool’s life, which is the automatic brush cut-out system and the enlarged carbon brush, both of which promote this tool’s overall good health over the course of it’s lifespan. Some side notes on the HM1214C is that it’s rubberized ergonomic soft grip, provides more comfort and control, and the included side handle swivels 360° for greater control.

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