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Makita 3 H.P. Air Compressor (w/ wheels) MAC5200

May 18, 2013

Built With A Cast Iron Pump and a Powerful Motor

Makita 3 H.P. Air Compressor (w/ wheels) MAC5200

The Makita MAC5200 3 H.P. Air Compressor (w/ wheels) has a cast iron pump with a “Big Bore” cylinder and piston, both are engineered to provide faster recovery time, as well as to improve the machines overall performance. The powerful Makita 3.0 HP motor produces results that other air compressors in its class cannot compete with. It has 6.5 CFM’s at 90 PSI, which will greatly enhance productivity.

  Oil Lubricated with a Cast Iron Cylinder

The Makita MAC5200 has a pump that is oil-lubricated to provide the machine with a cooler running temperature, and also to reduce it’s internal wear and tear. In addition, it also has a durable cast iron cylinder, which further reduces wear and tear while it increases the pumps longevity. Another plus of the MAC5200 is it’s ability to remove the iron cylinder for easy maintenance.

  Folding Handles and Rugged  Wheels

The Makita 3HP Air compressor has been designed with a convenient folding handle, along with a smart low profile design, both of which offer great strides by providing a mechanism for easier storage. The rugged wheels also support jobsite portability, thanks to their ability to roll over rough terrain and roads. Finally, the built-in storage compartment conveniently stores air fittings and accessories neatly and securely.

 A 50 Foot Air Hose and Industrial Air Filters

The Makita 3HP Air Compressor MAC5200 has an  air hose wrap, that stores 50 feet of 3/8″ air hose with the handle folded or upright and the compressor’s side hangers, which allow you to store the compressor’s tools when not in use, allow the operator to stay organized. Finally, the MAC5200 also has a large automotive style industrial air filter that allows increased air intake and greater efficiency.

 Roll Cage and Finned Discharge Tubing

The Makita MAC5200 not only works hard, but is also built with heavy duty roll cage construction, which provisions extra protection to the pump and motor assembly. It also has an oil sight glass for fast, easy, and efficient maintenance. Furthermore, finned discharge tubing provides increased heat dissipation and reduces the overall moisture intake in the air. The lever handle has a built in ball valve, supporting the tank drain valve, as it improves upon the once standard petcock design for even easier maintenance.

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