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Makita 4″ Electronic Wet Stone Polisher PW5001C

July 25, 2012

The Makita 4″ Electronic Wet Stone Polisher PW5001C  is lightweight at only 4.6 pounds delivering an easy handheld solution to wet stone polishing that won’t tire you out. The Makita Wet Stone Polisher has been engineered with Makita’s supreme power performance, offering a strong polishing capability with its 7.9 AMP motor that will polish marble, granite, and limestone gently but effectively.

Quality Design

Makita has constructed the PW5001C Wet Stone Polisher  with a strong, sturdy and durable blue/aqua and black housing cover, which protects the industrial die cast aluminum gear housing, ensuring a much longer power tool life. In addition it has been designed with the inclusion of a soft-start feature, delivering a smoother start-up for your convenience, as well as offers a variable speed motor which allows you to adjust this tool in conjunction with the project level. Achieving trouble free applications is a cinch with this tool, as the PW5001C has three holes set at the spindle top, which evenly spreads water to the polisher’s pad. This prevents the polisher’s pad from the eventual clogging which causes the slow down of the power tool.

Other features included in this polisher are; a high power-to-weight ratio, which has been added in order to reduce the operators fatigue, an included overload switch to protect armature failure, a pre-setting dial with setting options between 2,000 – 4,000 RPM’s for an optimum rotating speed, and a ground fault circuit interrupter plug.

The Makita PW5001C 4″ Electronic Wet Stone Polisher offers the option to add the 964802400 water connecter and utilizes a 4″ polishing disc, both of which must be purchased separately. That being said the kit includes a 4″ Electronic Wet Stone Polisher, head cover, and a wrench.


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