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Makita 5″ Concrete Planer PC5000C

July 26, 2012

Concrete planing is used to flatten and/or thin a slab of concrete. The Makita 5″ Concrete Planer PC5000C  is a hand held planer, which is about the size of a large angle grinder at 17″ in length. Concrete is notorious for its silica, which is extremely harmful when it is breathed in. The Makita PC5000C, has a dust collection system that sucks the dust away from the direct point of contact, preventing the majority of it from being inhaled. It accomplishes this thanks to its easy to install and remove dust bag, which aids in a cleaner overall operation of the Makita Planer.  Concrete planers are fairly specialized tools and the Makita 5″ Concrete Planer PC5000C is an ideal tool choice for smoothing finishes onto concrete, as well as for leveling concrete seams. If that’s not enough, it further proves its worth with a powerful 10 AMP, monster motor, which can hold a constant speed with consistency and control. In addition, the 10 amp motor is encased and protected, ensuring a longer tool life, which is also partially attributable to  the electronic current limiter. The Electronic current Limiter helps to control and efficiently distribute the power in this device, protecting the motor from overloading.

Other advantages to the Makita PC5000C are that it features an ergonomic soft grip, designed for function in mind, with a large easy-to-operate grip trigger switch for greater operator hand comfort.  Simplicity and ease of use are built into the PC5000C, which offers a LED power light that serves as a pilot light while also indicating when service is required. This becomes easy with the anti-restart function as well as an included external accessible carbon brush. Another great addition is the lock-on trigger, which allows for continuous use on the planer.

Included with the Makita PC5000C concrete Planer 5″ is a loop handle, a  5″ offset diamond wheel, a metal carrying case, a lock nut wrench, a hex wrench, a dust bag assembly, and a brush set.


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