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Makita 7″ Electronic Sander-Polisher 9227CY

October 2, 2012

Makita 7" Electronic Sander-Polisher 9227CY

What you get with the Makita 9227CY 7″ Electronic Sander-Polisher  is a hardworking tool, that gets the job done and that lives up to the storied Makita tradition. You may not get extra frills like a tool bag with this Makita tool purchase, instead you’ll find where Makita skimped on the frivolous accessories, they made up in quality…. And besides real men don’t use purses to carry their tools in.

The Makita 9227CY is one of the most  powerful sander -polisher tools on the market. It easily operates at 600 to 3000 RPM’s  and runs on a 5/8″-11″ spindle thread, with a 10 amp motor. The tool comes complete with a  Makita hook-and-loop pad (743052-5), a side handle (415491-6), and a hex wrench (783204-6).

The 7″ Makita 9227CY goes to work for you, by taking your project to task. How? By packing an incredible 0-3,000 RPM’s of variable speed, which can be conveniently and masterfully controlled with the turn of a dial. The ability to easily adjust your maximum speed down also gives you the  ideal way to perform an ultra slow polishing by switching pads.

Due to the Makita 92227CY’s ability to easily switch between sanding or polishing,  it’s powerful industrial strength motor, it’s convenient speed control, the inclusion of a lock-on button for continuous use at one speed, a 3 prong plug included on the sander polisher to prevent static electricity accumulation, and the shining clear coat finishes produced by this machine, the Makita 9227CY 7″ electronic Sander-Polisher is hands down one of the better buys in its class.

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