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Makita 70 lb. Demoltion Breaker Hammer Kit w/ Free Cart & Tips HM1810X3

February 26, 2013

Makita Engineered With Instant Power

Makita HM1810X3 70 lb. Demoltion Breaker Hammer Kit w/ Free Cart & Tips

Makita brings the full spectrum of applicable performance in a demolition hammer with this complete kit, the Makita 70 lb. Demoltion Breaker Hammer Kit w/ Free Cart & Tips HM1810X3. This kit contains a few goodies to suit your needs and help you tend to your work including; a hex wrench #5 , a hammer cart and 4 bits. The Makita HM1810X3  has a powerful 15 AMP motor that hits like Tyson during his early career, and all without the slow down or power loss, faced by comparable, competitive models. Where just throwing out 15 AMP’s is cool and fun to say, an even better sentence to consider, is that this Makita hammer explodes with an efficient 1,100 blows-per-minute that doesn’t just tackle your most demanding jobs, it annihilates them. Add this to the fact that all this Instant power is guided through it’s 16.4 foot cord, and what you get is more power with greater versatility.

With The Bite Of A Lion But The Purr Of A Cat

Where Makita cut no corners to engineer this hammer with intense power, they gave equal deference to designing the Hm1810X3 with the absolute lowest noise level in its class. Their success being demonstrated with a proven  rating of 107dB, which is excellent for a hammer of this class. Additional great features of the HM1810X3 are that this Makita breaker hammer now accepts the popular and widely used  1-1/8″ hex hammer steel for operator convenience, an automatic brush cut-out system, which works with the hammer to protect the computer and provide an enduring tool life, a cylindrical tool holder that enables new bolt holes to be drilled should the original bolts break, a warning lamp that indicates any trouble with the cord, and finally, a large and easy to operate switch that is located on the breaker hammer for operator comfort and control, and which can be used in conjunction with alternative power sources.


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