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Makita Compact Heat Gun HG551V

March 7, 2013

Big Range In A Small Gun

Makita Compact Heat Gun HG551V

The Makita Compact Heat Gun HG551V includes the heat gun itself as well as a tool case to keep the gun protected. Although the Makita heat gun is small it is made to perform a wide range of  applications. The heat gun has an electronic variable temperature control dial, with numbered settings, which allows the operator to use the heat gun for a broader spectrum of projects while employing  heat levels ranging from 180° to 1020° Farenheit. Additionally, The HG551V  Heat Gun also has an included 2-speed blower setting, to give the operator more room to accomplish any tasks at hand. The blower settings can be set at 8.8 and 16 CFM, depending on the operator’s needs. As such, this heat gun is ideal for many professional applications including; forming, pendulum welding, soldering of copper tubes, heat shrinking, edge banding, but is also ideal for do it yourselfers looking to do a little home improvement such as paint stripping. 

Precise Temperatures with Convenience

The Makita HG551V offers the operator a precisely balanced rubberized handle grip, which brings greater comfort to the table while this heat gun is in use. Furthermore, it also has an integrated rear stand, which is designed to support the heat gun in an up-position, offering greater safety and convenience. In addition, The HG551V’s precise temperature control comes into play with the thermocouple control, which allows it’s user continuity by allowing them to keep a steady stream of heat going.  Finally, an optimized air intake system has been built around the heat gun’s motor, and is engineered in conjunction with a ceramic core that is built to protect the heating element and provide both a longer motor and longer tool life.

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