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Makita EK7301 14″ Power Cutter – 73 cc.

September 19, 2012

 Improved Design Factors

The cleverly engineered Makita EK7301 14″ Power Cutter With 5.1 HP Engine and 73 cc Displacement. has been created to facilitate a lot of new design features now included in this power cutter. Designed to better your experience, the EK7301 now includes a five stage filtration system in the power tool, which provides advanced directional air flow to offer cleaner air for a smoother saw performance. Makita has also engineered a change in their carburetor with an improved deco-valve and metering spring, bringing you precise fuel regulation when you fire the EK7301 up. Additionally, a new ignition coil has been included with a start-support function, which will store the electrical energy in each pull, giving you the easiest start up possible each and every time! Also, the improved ignition system has an included larger flywheel, which has been constructed with rare earth magnets, creating a significant amount of vastly improved power efficiency. Plus, a reinforced aluminum blade guard has a 70 degree range of limitless positioning, and comes complete with a marked knob handle.

Smart Additions

Makita EK7301 14" Power Cutter - 73 cc.

The cutting arm position simply changes from center position to flush position, which allows cuts for everything from direct cuts to adjacent curb edge cuts. You can make cuts off the wall or even directly above the ground. An on-off-choke operation switch is located on a single lever for the operators convenience. Additionally, the comfortable and cushioned operator grips have a 4 vibration-absorption rubber buffer, which allows for increased operator comfort… and if that wasn’t enough, a  microchip controlled carburetor is designed to compensate the engines timing in accordance to the power cutter’s current work load. Also, an aluminum guard with wheeled pressure plates has been added to the EK7301′s design to reduce the weight. With all these features, why Makita decided to further improve on the overall design of this power cutter by adding a starter grip with a decompression valve, (offered for a faster power tool start up) would be a mystery, except for the fact that the EK7301 is one of the best power cutters on the market.

But there’s more… a water kit has also been added to the EK7301 Makita saw and is so handy that it can be used with a garden hose, a gravity tank, or even a pressure tank. Finally a 2-mass dampening system provides the operator with vibration reduction.

The Makita EK7301 14″ 5.1 HP Power Cutter comes with a Universal wrench, a torx key, a screwdriver, and an adapter ring.

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