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MasterLock 2,000 lb. 12 volt DC electric winch 2953AT and MasterLock Electric 1500 lb ATV Sport Winch 2955AT

August 10, 2012

MasterLock 2953AT 2,000 lb. 12 volt DC electric winch


An electric wench is a must have item whether  you own or move trailers with your truck. In fact this electric wench has a couple of options as it can be mounted inside your trailer, temporarily mounted to a ball mount, or even attached to a flat surface with a mounting plate. The MasterLock 2953AT 2,000 lb. 12 volt DC electric winch has a powerful rack and pinion gear design with power battery cables, remote control, back-up hand crank, and a hook with an included safety latch. It also has a convenient carrying handle with a tough built-in winch housing. The MasterLock 2953AT electric winch specifications are as follow; 12 volts,  2,000 line pull, gear train parallel shaft gears, a line speed 6 with load, clutch power, a switching method handheld remote control, a rope type of steel cable, and battery leads of 20 feet.


MasterLock 2955AT Electric 1500 lb ATV Sport Winch

Don’t forget your ATV with the MasterLock 2955AT Electric 1500 lb ATV Sport Winch. If you find yourself stuck, this electric winch will get you and your ATV out of a tight spot. The Sport Winch has 1,500 pounds of tug power, a 12 volt DC electric motor , and a galvanized steel cable with safety hook. One neat option is that this winch can be permanently mounted to your ATV, this ensures you will always have an electric winch on your recreation vehicle to utilize. This electric winch measures 4 1/2 x 4 1/3 x 13 1/4″ h.


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