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MasterLock Pink Personal Portable Safe 5900DPNK

October 21, 2012

MasterLock Pink Personal Portable Safe 5900DPNK

Travel with Ease of Mind

Traveling by air during the holiday season routinely involves bags becoming lost or damaged. At other times forgotten valuables left in a car could be stolen. To avoid property loss and damaged items, you might consider investing in a MasterLock Pink Personal Portable Safe 5900DPNK. This particular model is the limited edition pink, made in recognition of breast cancer awareness.

Ideal for your Lifestyle

This portable safe is also ideal for recreation, campus, office, worksite, or leisure use. It boasts a body that is easy to carry and hold in ones hand, and the lightweight design of this product make it easily one of the most portable solutions out there. In addition, the Masterlock 5900DPNK has been carefully designed to protect MP3 players, cell phones, cameras, gaming devices, cash, credit cards, jewelry, keys, passports, sunglasses and much more. Plus the amenities of it’s “lock up & lock down” feature has three specific abilities which aid the user. First, the user can lock up their personal effects and valuables with the built in cable, which can be wrapped tightly to the safe itself, or it can be fastened to any fixed chosen object, or finally the cable can be doubled as a carrying handle. Second in order to keep your items safe inside this personal portable safe, Masterlock has engineered it with a water-resistant design and durable casing, which has been lined with a shock absorbing foam located within the interior storage area. Finally, the 5900DPNK offers the option for you to set-your-own-combination, for your locking convenience, as well as an ear bud/charging cable access port that allows you to charge or listen to your electronics inside while they stay protected.

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