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Max Burton 18″ Induction Aluminum Griddle 6325

March 18, 2013

Induction Ready

Max Burton 18" Induction Aluminum Griddle 6325

The Max Burton 6325 18″ Induction Aluminum Griddle  has a built-in induction-ready base, that allows instant conductivity between cookware and cooktop. Induction cookings   benefits have become increasingly attractive versus traditional stove top cooking, as it displays superior safety, efficiency,  lower energy consumption, and faster cooking times. The Max Burton 6325 Induction Griddle is ideally constructed to work instantly with induction cooktops, the unique induction-ready base, allows conductivity between the die cast aluminum cooking surface and the induction cooktop.

Max Burton Die Cast Aluminum Quality

 Max Burton designed the 6325 Griddle with two coats of Xylan, a non-stick PFOA free surface, and heat-proof silicone handles.  In addition, with smart construction, Max Burton constructed the 18″ Induction Griddle from aluminum, as it is one of the best materials to disburse heat, while also being qualified as induction compatible. 

For Varied Cook Surfaces

 The Max Burton Griddle 6325 can be used to cook pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, burgers, grilled cheese and other sandwiches, grill onions, toast buns, sear steak, plus any other grill-able food choices! The griddle has the diversity to be used on all induction cooktops whether they be  gas, electric, or radiant heating stoves.

Complete With A 1 Year Warranty

The Max Burton 6325 Induction aluminum Griddle has a grease collection design, which aids and prevents overflow. The griddle is dish washer safe and has a large 9-1/2″ x 12-1/2″ nonstick cooking surface that slides grilled foods right off, thanks to the double coat of Xylan.  Finally, the folks over at Max Burton are so confident in this product, that this griddle comes complete with a 1 year limited performance warranty from the manufacturer.

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