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Max Burton 6015 Portable Induction Cooktop Stove and Interface Disk Combination Set

April 24, 2012

  Fast and Safe

Induction cooking is different than any other method of traditional cooking, mainly because it uses magnets to heat.  Induction heating has a power magnetic coil that gives out a high frequency electromagnetic field, that field then goes through the metal to the cooking pot and makes a circulating electric current, it is this electric current that makes the actual heat. Two very big differences in induction cooking versus gas or electricity, is in induction cooking the heat is in the cookware and not on the surface of the induction cooker, also the heat is no longer generated once the cookware is removed therefore the surface of the cookware top is cool to the touch. Usually with an induction cooker you need cookware that is ferrous metal, meaning it will sustain a magnetic field for cooking, but with the supplied induction disk you can skip the iron pots and use any type of cookware you choose.This unit is made of durable stainless steel that evenly distributes the heat for fast cooking which heats up quickly, in layman terms this stove goes from zero to 6o without the use of gas. Max Burton 6015 Portable Induction Cooktop Stove and Interface Disk Combination Set is also very safe, the cook top does not heat up until it comes in contact with the interface plate. This will keep your space cooler, is safer for those around you, especially if you have small children, and uses less energy until you are ready to start cooking with the unit.


Use Your Own Cookware

The Max Burton 6015 Portable Induction Cooktop Stove and Interface Disk Combination Set comes with an 8” x 15″ ½ disk that is designed to be placed onto the cooktop unit after which, the cookware is to be placed onto the disk. This allows you to use any type of cookware you desire onto the 6015 Portable Induction Cooktop enabling non-induction cookware to be used on induction surfaces. The cookware you can utilize will include copper, aluminum, porcelain, glass, stone and plethora of other cookware materials. The unit is adaptable to many differing situations such as professional culinary schools, boats, assisted living facilities, high traffic restaurant’s, your office, catering business, college dorms, cabins, and even within your own kitchen.

   The Specifics

The Max Burton 6015 Portable Induction Cooktop Stove and Interface Disk Combination Set is 1800 watts with an LED display. The unit displays 10 power levels with temperature levels from 140 to 450F. It comes complete with 180 minute timer, as well as a cookware detection sensor and a overheat sensor. The unit is ETL listed and runs at 110 volts.

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