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Max Burton Induction Cooktop 6000

August 9, 2013

The Perfect Induction Cooking Tool

Max Burton Induction Cooktop 6000

The Max Burton Induction Cooktop 6000  makes cooking with an induction cooktop a satisfying experience with an extremely fast heat up feature, as well as a safety option that is built right into this unit, both of which are instrumental enhancements that deliver the very best cooking experience. In addition, the 6000 is simple to utilize, as with the push of a button the temperature changes to the desired temperature almost instantly. Also the Max Burton 6000 offers all the pluses of cooking with gas, without the open flame.

Cook Top Stays Cool

Thanks to the induction style technology included in this cooktop, the 6000 stays completely cool except where it comes into contact with the pan, and only as long as it maintains that contact. What this means, is that Max Burton has created an induction stove that is far safer than any previous major brand’s induction cooktops, only at the same price point. Furthermore, with its unique cooktop safety features, there is no worry of burning oneself or causing a fire due to a food substance spilling onto the cooktop, meaning that this product is the preferred product for both young and old cooks alike. In addition, the 6000 also keeps the overall temperature in the kitchen cooler as compared to ovens and stoves that have a tendency to heat up an entire room.

Cooking Options Anywhere

The induction cooktop 6000 has several additional use options available, including the ability to be used in a busy restaurant kitchen, culinary schools, catered events such as weddings and graduations, as well as buffets, college dorms, assisted living facilities, the office, or in the home. The induction cooktop 6000 works with cast iron, carbon steel, magnetic stainless steel and other stainless steels with magnetic properties. An important note is that the cooktop will not work with Aluminum, Glass, 18/8 and 18/10 Stainless or copper cookware.


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