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Mechanix MG4X-75-008 Small Material4X Original Gloves

October 12, 2013

A Great Looking Pair Of Performance Work Gloves

Mechanix MG3X-75-008 Material4X Original Gloves

One look at the Mechanix MG4X-75-008 Small Material4X Original Gloves and you can tell that these are a great looking pair of gloves, but beastly beauty doesn’t have to sacrifice performance and function. In this regard, Mechanix was not content to merely produce a pair of work gloves that weren’t up to the task at hand, as such they manufactured their MG4X-75-008 original gloves with reinforcement panels in high wear area’s where they would need them most, in order to provide increased durability. In addition, using the right blend of fabrics they were able to provide their MG4x-75-008′s with high abrasion resistance that offers greater tear protection than traditional synthetic leather and genuine leather.

A Great Glove With A Great Fit

If you thought that all there was to Mechanix’s Material4X Original Gloves, was a great aesthetically pleasing wrapper made of fancy fabric, then check out these other features that raise the bar in terms of form fitting work apparel. First, Mechanix’s MG4X-75-008 are designed with TrekDry moisture wicking material that not only help you keep your hands dry but also afford the wearer with the most comfortable fit possible. To further enhance the fit of their original gloves, Mechanix also included a TPR closure with hook and loop that make for a truly comfortable and securely fitting glove. 

Certified And Warrantied

The Mechanix MG4X-75-005 are CE EN388/EN420 certified making them ideal for almost any professional in any occupation. Whether you work in the construction, automotive, MRO, or Masonry industries, or are just performing a little home improvement or landscaping, Mechanix’s Material4X Original Gloves offer a superior form fitting design that is married to aesthetical appeal and durable quality craftsmanship. As such, this one seems like a no brainer.

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